Kaissara Hostel

Kaissara Hostel is a backpackers hostel in Trindade, Brazil. It is based in a beautiful location surrounded by rainforest and beaches. As there were so many photos available of the hostel and its surroundings we decided to make these pictures the focus of the site. To do this we created a slideshow gallery function which allowed for the slideshow to rotate through a number of different photos, and also that the slideshow could be paused or continued when desired, or could be flicked through by pressing left and right. The logo was also created from scratch but is based on a carved sign which is present at the hostel itself. We feel the site grabs the feel of the hostel and will show visitors a little glimpse of life at Kaissara and in Trindade before they even arrive.

Technologies used: XHTML, CSS, PHP
Work completed: September 2009

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