FLAWA Festival

Events-focused site for a London-based festival. Created in WordPress so the client can add new events and venues, and also allows for the client to edit any of the content themselves. Design was based on some flyers that were produced for the festival.

Technologies used: XHTML, PHP, WordPress
Work completed: April 2019


Retail Economics

A complex subscription and user-based website. Retail Economics sell subscriptions to their service. We created this site from scratch using Laravel. The complexities arrived in the number of ways users could subscribe to the service as a trialist, and then converting those trialists to subscribers later. The site was made up of a front-end, admin back-end and user back-end, and integrates with ZOHO, Mailgun and TextLocal.

Technologies used: XHTML, PHP, Laravel, Git, SCSS
Work completed: October 2018


AMC Gardens

A WordPress-based site for a local garden in Nottingham. The client needed the site to have many different options including space for events, for news, and also for content that could be updated on a regular basis.

Technologies used: XHTML, PHP, jQuery, WordPress
Work completed: July 2017


Prestatyn Caravan

This is a relatively simple site for a bookable caravan based in Prestatyn, Wales. The remit was to produce a one-page site where the user could find out about the caravan and make bookings. The site uses WordPress with a booking plugin which takes care of the booking calendar and gives the client many options in terms of dealing with their bookings.

Technologies used: XHTML, PHP, jQuery, WordPress
Work completed: October 2017



This was a landing page for a business that had to be done on a low budget but also show how their product functioned. As such it used javascript to create a transition effect on the images and a comic book style layout to tell a story. All graphics were provided by the client for this project.

Technologies used: XHTML, PHP, jQuery
Work completed: March 2018


Be Diligent When Upgrading Your Site

Just wanted to write a quick post to remind you all that you must be diligent when getting anyone to do any web designs for you. I’ve been leading a search marketing campaign for Thames Leisure, a company that specialises in boat cruises and rentals in London. They recently got their developer to make their site mobile-friendly.

This was certainly achieved, and was much-needed. The site now looks great on mobile and they will hopefully be able to get lots more sales through mobile users. However, although they had done lots of testing on the mobile version of the site, nothing was done on the desktop version and I have been constantly finding changes that have been made. Some of the things that changed were:

  1. there was a cached version of the site still showing up for some users which meant that the new design was not appearing correctly
  2. all of the page titles and preset meta descriptions had disappeared. This was a major problem for our SEO campaign as all the work we had done on creating tailor-made page titles and meta descriptions had completely vanished from the site
  3. when work began on the mobile version of the site¬†a back-up of the database was made and used for the testing. When the mobile version was ready this version was then uploaded. This is bad practice. All the work we’d done on the site between these two points was lost which meant we had to re-upload posts that had been completely deleted from the system. Why they had to do this is beyond me.

They were the major takeaways so far. All I can say is: please be careful when doing any updates and make sure you test the site, and I mean all parts of the site, thoroughly after making any changes, and especially after making extensive changes like upgrading to a mobile-friendly version of a web site.

Valid Productions

A relatively simple website for a production company that simply required a slim, professional way in which to give people some basic info about their business as well as info on their clients and production.

Technologies used: XHTML, PHP, jQuery, WordPress
Work completed: September 2016


Nick Foster

A one-page website for a journalist/author who simply wanted to showcase his latest publication.

Technologies used: XHTML, PHP, jQuery, WordPress
Work completed: June 2016


Jane Cornwell

This is a website for a journalist with years of experience and has been designed so that she can showcase a wide assortment of her work. The site uses WordPress and PHP with Masonry used to sort some of the category pages.

Technologies used: XHTML, PHP, jQuery, WordPress, Masonry
Work completed: July 2016



Mexrrissey is a relatively simple website for a Mexican band that covers Morrissey songs. Their website includes pages for About, Shows, Press and Contact as well as links to their albums and merchandise store.

Technologies used: XHTML, PHP, jQuery, WordPress, Cufon Fonts
Work completed: July 2015