Setting the Scene

I feel the time has come where my experience providing IT solutions for small businesses and not-for-profit and voluntary groups might be of usefulness to the masses, or at least the couple of people who may find their way here!

I find this area extremely interesting. The evolution of web 2.0 has made a vast array of applications available to small business. Some of the open source packages available are as powerful as those commercially available, and in many cases, are more appropriate for the clients need.

The other side of this is trying to create solutions from current programs and creating systems that allow small businesses to flourish in ways they may not have imagined.

I hope to use this blog to show some of these systems and applications and in turn hope they I might also learn something from the process. Web 2.0 is evolving at an incredible rate and I definately need help keeping up so will be grateful for anyone reading this to give me their own solutions.

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